Euclideon Holographics Unveils the First Ever Consumer Holographic Wall at DISTREE APAC

Euclideon Holographics, the world’s leading manufacturer of Holographic visualisation products, has unveiled the first ever consumer Holographic system, branded the Hologram Wall. With a screen sized at 2000mm x 3560mm and requiring a total installation height of 2672mm, the Hologram Wall can provide any standard office or boardroom with a totally immersive, Holographic visualisation capability at a consumer price point.

The Hologram Wall is a device that makes what appears to be a “window” or a “portal” that appears to go into the wall. It produces holograms that project out 1.2m in front of the wall, or up to 70cm for the floor installation version.

The Hologram Wall offers two main modes of use: The first allows a person to set up holographic projects for numerous industries. These projects can have animation and interactivity and can be used in many ways. For example, you may make a menu of holographic food, or a simulation for safety or training, or an architectural presentation of a building that does not yet exist. The second mode is for replacing holographic tours of real-world places.

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, Euclideon Holographics is the world’s leading developer of Holographic visualisation systems. Our clients include organisations like Airbus, Bentley Motors, the US Marine Corps, and numerous universities and higher-educational institutions. Our Holographic products are used around the world by companies that require the ability to holographically visualise large quantities of 3D data.

For more details and the full press release click here

Meet the Euclideon team at DISTREE APAC 2019

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