Ambi Climate talk air con and APAC channel expansion

Introducing Ambi Climate. The smart upgrade for your air conditioner. Ambi Climate recently confirmed their participation at DISTREE APAC 2017, and will introduce delegates to their latest device to enhance your AC experience.

Martina Kerbl, VP Sales, ambiclimate spoke to DISTREE APAC media partner, Channel APAC, about their latest smart accessory and plans for the APAC market.

Channel APAC (CA): What do you want to achieve at DISTREE APAC 2017? What are your key goals for the event?

Martina Kerbl (MK): Being a completely new brand and just starting to build our distribution network, our main goal is to touch base with major distributors from the APAC region. The one-to-one meetings [at DISTREE APAC] will allow us to present the product features to key decision makers and discuss the introduction of our product in the different markets.

CA: What products will you be highlighting at DISTREE APAC 2017? What do you want distributors and channel partners to know about your portfolio?

MK: We will be showcasing our product Ambi Climate, the first AI-powered smart accessory for air conditioners (ACs) and heat pumps. Ambi Climate analyses the impact of multiple factors such as humidity, changing weather and metabolism on your thermal comfort, and auto-adjusts your room temperature, to maximise both comfort and energy savings.

CA: Describe how your channel business has developed in the past 12 months? What trends have you seen and what have been the highlights for your business?

MK: The big highlight was certainly our highly successful Kickstarter campaign, where we were exposed to a large amount of media coverage with more than 200 media reviews. It generated a lot of awareness and significantly fuelled demand from end consumers as well as channel customers, and we are very glad to see that the product feedback has been so incredibly positive.

Another recent highlight was the market introduction in 2016 in Thailand – a market which we consider to have very high potential - and where we have the chance to work with a very strong and committed partner. In Hong Kong, our home market, we have managed to double our points of sale with the introduction of our new edition in summer 2017.

CA: Which geographic areas and channels represent the greatest opportunity for growth for your company in APAC?

MK: As our product targets AC users, the APAC region in general has huge potential for us, due to the hot weather. In addition, the more tech-savvy the population, the better. Countries with great market potential are therefore Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Malaysia. Also, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam are very interesting, but IoT and smart home is still at a very early stage in these markets.

To read all of the interview, please click here for the full Channel APAC article

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