Top Singapore-based tech start-ups ready to make an impact at DISTREE APAC 2016

DISTREE recently caught up with the latest Singapore based start-ups to join the start up hub at the upcoming DISTREE APAC event. We're excited to see these amazing innovations at the show next month!

Chern Wern Mah & Toi Ngee Tan, Co-Founders at Juvo are utilising the latest technology to revolutionise the sleeping experience.

The two Co-Founders explained: “Juvo Sleep is a real-time sleep and bed monitor that works through the mattress. Using patented fiber-optic technology, the sensor mat tracks your breathing, heart rate and movement. Combined with environmental data such as your room temperature and noise levels,

Juvo gives you the insights you need to improve your sleep. Juvo was also built ground up for you to share the insights with your loved ones, so you can use it to ensure all’s well with your child or elderly parents. Juvo is integrated with smart devices such as smart lights and smart thermostats to optimise the sleeping environment in real time.”

Chern Wern Mah & Toi Ngee Tan, Co-Founders at Juvo

Juvo is now ready to be brought to market all over the world. However, we would like to seek out those special partners with whom we share values and a similar vision so we can build a long-lasting and dynamic partnership. To attain our aggressive growth plans and build out our product roadmap, it is clear we cannot go it alone.

We require partners with deep knowledge of the local environments in which they operate who can give us their incisive feedback on the products and experiences,” they continued.

Tware claims to be the world's leading innovator of intelligent active wellness wearables. The company was founded in Singapore in 2011 and started by developing an intelligent pressure vest, which had numerous health benefits for people suffering from autism, PTSD and dementia. The company has since evolved to offer a much larger range of products and services both in the healthcare and wellness space.

Dinos Demetriades, CFO & Head of Sales at Tware, commented: “The Airawear is the world's first intelligent active garment, which is designed to relieve back pain on the go. It is a truly unique and novel product, unlike anything else.

It combines the benefits of posture tracking sensors and software, a strong 6 point shiatsu massage system - using the Tware patented airbag system - in a stylish hoodie or vest package that is truly stealthy, discreet and portable with 6 hours rechargeable battery life. The Airawear is controlled by a mobile phone app, which allows it to collect usage data and customisable programmes.”

Tware had a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacturing of the Airawear with its first deliveries starting in December 2016. T he company is now looking for distributors and resellers in Asia to sell its products, as well as potential product development partnerships with companies active in the tech, fashion and wellness sectors.

The QLIPP Tennis Sensor will be showcased during DISTREE APAC 2016. QLIPP is the smallest and lightest tennis sensor available in the market. QLIPP was started to bring the best of new technologies to sports enthusiasts at a low cost, according to CEO Donny Soh.

Soh stated: “Sports enthusiasts have always wanted to find out how they are performing and how they can improve. Traditionally, equipment to measure their performance is often extremely accurate but at a high cost. On the other extreme, you find wearables that are affordable, yet only gives generic data such as calories burn or step count.”

Donny Soh, CEO, QLIPP

“QLIPP was created to provide accurate information to the sports enthusiast at an affordable price, bringing the best of high-end technology accessible to people like you and me. You attach QLIPP to your racquet like a dampener, connect it to your phone by Bluetooth and the app on the phone tells you how well you are playing in real time,” Soh added.


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